Thank you again for booking with Trueheart, a podcast for people affecting positive change. Our job is to help you create an amazing experience for our audience across all our platforms.

We want to make sure you look and sound great, create lots of new business for yourself, and have a lasting impact on our audience and yours. We’re excited to provide some tips on how to look and sound amazing!

The Trueheart podcast is available wherever podcasts are found and on YouTube for the full experience. We’ll be recording video and audio on Streamyard. Make sure you’re well-lit, so we can see your smiling face! Always place your lights in front of you and never behind you. Make sure the lighting is balanced. We’re big fans of panel LED lights.

If you’re going to be doing lots of podcast and remote TV interviews, it makes sense to invest in some affordable equipment that will make a huge impact on your video presence. 

You want your background to look great. Make sure it’s clean, organized and showcases your style. Camera position is also very important. Set the camera at eye level or a little above so everyone is able to see you. Also, make sure you’re looking at the lens and not at yourself onscreen. We know it sounds counter-intuitive based on how we communicate in person, but over video, looking at the lens will help you connect with our audience and communicate trust and authority. 

Finally, you want to sound incredible so invest in a good USB microphone and headphones. Eliminate background noise, turn off your cell phone and get ready for an amazing experience.

Here are three good mic options:

Audio Technica

Blue Yeti

Blue Snowball

Order a quality mic on Amazon and you can have it in 2-3 days. If you plan on doing more podcast interviews, this is a great investment. As a last resort, Apple Airpods and Airpod Pros typically provide good quality audio.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to having you on our show. 

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